Frequently Asked Questions

Our support group has compiled surveys for questions new members often ask. These polls are not based on scientific me‚Äčthods. They are not medical advice. They are simply parents of children with CFND or individuals with CFND sharing their experiences. 

Common Specialists Needed

47 people responded to this poll on which specialists their children with CFND needed to see. Please note, craniofacial/plastic surgeons and neurosurgeons are commonly seen together as part of a craniofacial team. 

This data is based on a poll in the CFND Facebook Support group. The people responding to the poll are parents of children with CFND or individuals with CFND. This not a scientific study. Poll date: January 2018  - The photos on this site are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use prohibited.

* The information contained in this site is not intended to be medical advice. You should seek the care of a specialized team of medical professionals if you or a family member has CFND