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Here is an update to Madie’s story from her mother, Heather. You can find Madie’s story on her earlier years on the Cranio Care Bear’s site.


Madie is doing great! She's now 12 and in 7th grade. She's your typical moody She continues to play piano and belong to girl scouts. She also sings in the chorus at school, they have sung at PNC Park for the Pirates game the past two years and will do so again this spring. Madie also enjoys swimming in our pool and she went snow tubing for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it.  Madie loves hanging with friends and having sleepovers. Her big thing we've gotten into is going to concerts. Madie continues to like school, mainly for socializing! She does an average student and has to work for her grades. Madie does have ADHD inattentive type but does not have an IEP or take medication.


Madie has had braces now for over a year. Her teeth look amazing! Luckily, she has medical assistance and it's covered her braces thus far. Parents need to be aware that medical assistance is available for our kids and picks up what health insurance doesn't. That's at least the case where we live. Madie is happy when she's not We saw our team in November. Her surgeon said we don't have to meet every year now. Any surgeries from here on out are Madie's decision. As long as she's happy, he's happy. Two years ago, Madie had an eyelid lift. Unfortunately, the doctor couldn't do as much as she wanted due to scar tissue. We do get Madie checked for scoliosis. She does have a curve in her back that we keep an eye on. I want to have her one foot checked because her big toe curves weird. She said it doesn't bother her, so I guess until it does, I'll leave her alone. I truly wouldn't change anything we've done. Madie is doing great! I couldn't ask for anymore.


Our girls have a bright future...I'm seeing it. I don't worry or think about any of this on a daily basis anymore as I did when she was younger. I don't treat her any differently than my son, at least I try not to. We've been very fortunate that Madie has never been bullied or picked on. She's got a few close friends and I believe others who would stick up for her. I only notice stares when we go places outside of our community. Madie never notices a thing. She's not conscientious about her looks either. I'm always bugging her about caring a little more on how she looks...oh the knotty hair!

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